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    [For Sale] Professional Hosting Template

    Hello again, I have another template for you!


    Template #4 - HostNation

    This is a one of a kind hosting template created by the designers at Vilario.

    Preview the template here.

    You can get this template for just $55.00USD !

    And for just $15.00USD more you can recieve the template .PSD file and an HTML template!

    I have one more offer for you today... If you add $20.00USD more Vilario will edit the template to your satisfaction, and make an HTML template!

    Payments accepted via PayPal, other methods can be discussed by email or instant messenger.

    For more information, or to purchase this template, please contact me by one of the following methods:

    EMail: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: Prostaile

    Thank you for your time!

    Taylor, Vilario Advanced Web Solutions
    Web Designer

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    What are we getting for the $55.00 than?

    - Richard

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    And for just $15.00USD more you can recieve the template .PSD file and an HTML template!

    And what exactly do we recieve if we don't pay the $15? lol
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    If i'm thinking correctly, I think he means for 55.00, you get the .PSD. For 70.00, you get the .PSD and it in html (coded). For 75.00 (or 90.00 if he means the 55 + 15 +20), you get an edited and coded .PSD.

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    Correct. I appologize if I was unclear.

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    $55.00USD Gets you the template in PSD format.

    $70.00USD Gets you the PSD file and an html template

    $75.00USD Gets you the PSD file an html template, AND Vilario will eidt the template to your satisfaction.

    I am open for any other offers you may have.

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    I'd take it for $55 including the HTML/slices

    Let me know if you are interested.
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