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    how to disable webalizer statistics on an account?

    I m using a web account on a shared server. The webalizer statistics are filling up my /home/LOGIN/tmp dir ... i m paying for 100MB and out of that 30MB+ is being used by the tmp dir.

    I requested my server guys to disable stats but they say it cannot be disabled per account ...

    Pls advise if you know how to disable it for a specific account !!

    Thanks in advance ...

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    You actually can't do it via WHM, however there is a way to do it.

    It's not a very known fact, but you can enable and disable each statistics application per user. For example, if you have Weblizer and Analog enabled for all users, yet one user wants Awstats only, this can be done!

    Let's say the user's username is johndoe, first you will need to SSH into the server as root, now use your favorite editor, and edit the file:


    Now, if you wanted to disable all statistics applications and enable awstats, you would add these lines:


    Next, you'll need to restart cPanel, you can normally do this by doing :

    /etc/init.d/cpanel restart

    (borrowed from an article I wrote at cPanelFAQ)

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    Awesome info, I'd been wondering the exact same thing this past week. Thanks.
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    Damn Nick, no holding back the helpfulness today.

    Going to add that to my Cpanel notes too.
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    LOL - sorry - got to say it...

    [hsphere plug]
    If youre using hsphere - goto your CP and click off on webalizer and on for AWstats [/hsphereplug]

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    Originally posted by NexDog
    Damn Nick, no holding back the helpfulness today.
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