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    Shoutcast Server

    Hey ppls,

    Im currently looking into setting up a shoutcast server for my site. There will be a lot of listeners for this. Content wise would be mainly dj's spinning and so forth. Right now my only concern is any type of licensing and so forth that I might need. Anyone able to shed some light on this?

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    You do not need a liscense to host a shoutcast server
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    Would that also apply to the publishers and copyright owners of the music? That would be my main concern. Or does having a DJ mix the music somehow avoid that.

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    Legally you should pay royalities on it to various organizations based on where you are located and what you plan on playing.

    BMI ASCAP are 2 in the US

    Very few do because it runs in quite a bit of cash for a hobby project.

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    Base Liscense for BMI is like $1000 a month isnt it?

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    Most of the streams I work with either use a coop that groups all the stations together and sub divides the cost withe the associated station or ignores licensing all together.

    I don't know much about the fees besides the fact they were far out of my reach

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    I think the UK is maybe a bit cheaper for running these type of things. The PRS does a Internet station license which runs at about 350 a month.

    I'm not too sure about the consequences of people listening to broadcasts in different countries, but my guess is it should be OK.

    The plan I have is to encode in the UK then stream from a server in the US where bandwidth is cheaper.

    You could find that "running" the station from a different country is even cheaper, one that springs to mind is Canada where they have different licensing requirements and if memory serves me it's where live365 planned to move when things got tough in the US.
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