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    Colocation? EEUU? France/Europe/Netherland?


    Where are cheaper colocation (100mbps for example) in the United States or France and rest of Europe?

    where he is better the line and garant? in the United States or France, Europe and Netherland?

    thanks :-)

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    US is cheaper..
    In most Europe DC's u pay lil more, but as far as I can tell, I was more happy in the Europe.
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    more cheap in Europe?

    then why CTN1.NET and OVH.COM offer those prices? Both they are of France.

    bye frineds

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    why the obsession on price ?

    if it's collocation you're looking for pick a DC that's relatively close to you and has all the features you need

    you're unlikely to want to country-hop everytiema server needs a bit of work :p
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    100 Mbps in France

    In France, is not easy to find 100Mbps offers with SLA.

    First choice :
    Telco company:
    France telecom (Oleane)
    UUnet (Worlcom),
    Level3 (65 / 100 Mbps)
    MFN (Neotelecom here)
    Good solution but expensive.or the reason choice is hosting companies with Thrue large backbone:

    France : OVH and CTN1
    Europe : ThrueServer, 1&1...

    Good luck on your research
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    Re: Colocation? EEUU? France/Europe/Netherland?

    Originally posted by comers
    where he is better the line and garant? in the United States or France, Europe and Netherland?
    thanks :-)
    I don't think it solely depends on the country. Throughout Europe you have some fine co-locators in almost each country.
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    whereupon supplier has the proveedor line or colocation?

    i wait for your answers,

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