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    Tech Help Pls

    Me and my brother have nearly the same computer, both are Dell Dimensions. One is a Dell Dimension 8200, the other is a Dell Dimension 2200. When I go to "My Computer" properties, they both have the same system information and are both are registered under the same exact # but have different names. Why are the numbers not different? Shouldn't they be? I looked on the back of the monitor and it has different DP/N numbers, what is DP/N? Also it had different Rev. numbers, what is Rev.? One had Rev. A00 and another had Rev. A01

    Next, my brother ran a spybot search & destroy virus program, which found some 93 infected files. But then he deleted them all...instead of just deleting the virus program. I need to restart my computer completely. If I do not have the proper CD or license can I do this? Cause I am not sure if I do...I bought if off a guy that my dad has work with. I have two blue colored discs the computer came with when I bought it. They are as follows...

    1. Drivers and Utilities
    For reinstalling V.92 (Capable)/56K Telephony Data/Fax/Voice Modem Software for Microsoft Windows
    Contents: Drivers for 8F217, Diagnostics and utilities, Online documentation, Phonetools fax software

    2. Applications
    Dell Tools CD For reinstalling Dell-installed software
    Includes Antivirus software, Support software, Multimedia software, Internet software

    I noticed at the bottom of the CD's, they have P/N 'numbers', what is that P/N = Pin Numbers? They also have the Rev. number again. Does the CD's that match the Rev. numbers with the Rev. numbers on the back of the monitor mean they belong together?

    Any information on any of this would be very helpful..

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    Sounds like you need a new windows install CD I would call Dell and order a new one which is usually free.

    Also the CD has nothing to do with the monitor and I would assume P/N = Product Number.

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