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    Medium Sized Hosting Company for Sale

    I am considering selling the ownership of my company in pursuit of other opportunities. I am looking for someone to buy the entire company including clients and hardware. We do have some high profile clients that would be great to stick on the front of the site / in your portfolio:

    #1) I require that the VP of our company be kept as an employee (per stipulation that he work 40 hrs / week etc.) @ $35,000 / yr for 4 mos
    #2) I expect all hardware to purchased outright. I would estimate the replacement cost on everything that is in use is about $85,000.

    I am in the process of standardizing everything so that the company will make for an easy sale. We are switching all customers to modernbill and a new support program that integrates into that.

    Here are the following deposit amounts into the company (currently there is no debt owed by company). Our estimated monthly income for the year is $11,513.10 which this sits right at that target.

    April 2004 - $9,973.89
    March 2004 - $14,569.88
    February 2004 - $9,031.91
    January 2004 - $10,937.52
    December 2003 - $9,564.95
    November 2003 - $9,007.28
    October 2003 - $14,278.61 - Large recurring client added here
    September 2003 - (Bank of America is missing this statement online, I can get it if its really needed)
    August 2003 - $8,855.91
    July 2003 - $11,127.92
    June 2003 - $9,167.17
    May 2003 - $9,350.11

    (Company started in 1999)

    Our overhead currently is just the cost of our colocation costs ~$1750 / month + overusage in bandwidth ~$200. We also lease out a few high bandwidth servers for ~$400 / month. On top of that we just have an accountant we pay, telephone bills and credit card fees (~$350 / mo). You can see this is a very profitable business and has been for years. I just want to spend my time in a non-IT related industry.

    The harware we have ranges from 1U servers that we built, to dell powereges will dual scsi drives, to layer3 routers, battery backups (large) and masterswitches (remote reboots)

    I am only looking for those who can demonstrate via a letter of credit that they can purchase the company along with their offer. I will only sell to people who have a strong track record of buying hosting companies or a small/medium capital firm looking to enhance their portfolio.

    We offer CPanel, Ensim, Windows, Backup Solutions, Server Clusters, Colocation and Spam Filtering. (also do dial-up for prestige clients)

    Please PM me with your contact information and history.


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    We have a wide variety of plans. The most one client pays is $2,850 / month depending on how much bandwidth used (5 server cluster). The vast majority of our customers are billed monthly @ $8 / month. We have in the neighborhood of 35 servers that we maintain. We are currently in the small business market, but that has been a transition we have been making. The growth pattern we are starting to see is more medium-enterprise clients. That is part of the reason that I want to sell is that I don't feel I can commit the time I would like and these clients deserve. I have a great job as a broker making a very good salary and did this on the side, but now its gotten to the point that the company needs full-time solid management with experience. The VP of our company is very technical savvy and has done things that I haven't seen other companies do, but of course lacks in the marketing/sales skills that I have. We actually are finishing up a redesign of our site with an outside marketing company to reach more of an enterprise market.

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    Wow, you are 23??
    Good job with such success.

    I am very interested in this sale.

    Do you have any contact?

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    I am the owner of ServerPlex. We marketing aim is towards small to medium sized businesses and have been doing networking since 2000, but just got into the hosting game 1 1/2 years ago. We are very interested in this sale.

    Please contact me at

    Full-Featured Reseller Accounts and Shared Hosting!
    ServerPlex Networks
    Service. Stability. Support.

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    Yes, I am interested. You may contact me via my website.

    Have a great weekend.
    Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.
    CEO Bradshaw Consulting Inc.

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    Do you rent dedicated servers out from other firms? How many? What purpose?

    How many servers are actually *owned* and collocated?
    Where do you collocate?'

    Send the breakdown of all costs, as well as details on the invididual equipment which is owned and used, to t.chris@**********.com

    We are looking to aquire shared hosting firms, so let him know all the details and what you are looking to get.
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    By the way:

    The user you are sending a private message to does not have enough posts to read it. Please wait a few days and try again once they have enough posts.

    You need 5.
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    Originally posted by possiblesale
    The VP of our company is very technical savvy and has done things that I haven't seen other companies do, but of course lacks in the marketing/sales skills that I have.
    Where is he/you located?

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    Just put your email addresses here. We are located on the east coast. I am active on this board so if I post the exact details people may figure out what company it is (i want this secret).

    > How many servers are actually *owned* and collocated?

    We rent 4 servers from rackshack.. excuse me ev1servers (got to help them with their branding right?), we own 30+ and we colocate with an ISP on the east coast. We are the only hosting company in the datacenter. They have 2 - T3's, one with COX and one with MFN.

    We also maintain an office ~3 miles from the datacenter which I forgot to mention. It has a real nice desk, a really nice computer and a bunch of office supplies. This is where the VP works out of and we pay $285 / month for the 12x12 area (good deal eh!). I think we have another 10 months on the 2 yr lease. I am developing a account to email you from.

    Please dont inquire about this unless you net worth of the company you are representing is 1 mil+. I am not looking for that much money but I want to make sure that someone isn't taking out a mortgage on a house to buy the company and then let it faulter.

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    Serious Offer

    Mike Gold
    [email protected]

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