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    Looking for Tech Support job. Please help me out.

    Hello, I'm 18 years old and I'm looking for Tech support job so I can support my family, It's hard to get anywhere without college diploma or BS here :'(.

    So lets get started. First of all I'm not looking per ticket payment it's a scam. I'm flexable and can work any hours. Willing to travel to location in NYC or Brooklyn.

    Skills :

    Worked on:
    Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2k/XP (mastered all of them 5+ years)
    RedHat/Fedora/Slackware/FreeBSD (2+ years)

    Know what I'm doing with:

    Hardware repair and trouble shooting(5+ years of experience)
    Networking (1+ years of experience)
    Securing networks with FreeBSD as firewall (1+ years of experience)
    HTML/XHTML/CSS/PHP (3+ years no front page etc.)
    Photoshop/3DSMAX (Attended few meetings in NYC)

    Special things:
    I can speak and type in Russian and English.
    A+ Cert
    MCDST Cert

    I have used PerlDesk, PHPLiveHelp, CPanel/WHM, Ensim, Plesk, WHMAP, Kayoka (SP?) help desk and live chat, Bold chat and other major web hosting related programs.

    I'm NOT looking for fly by night operation's. PM/E-mail me with your offers please. Thank you in advance.

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