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    How much bandwidth

    I'm curious. I'm going to offer email only packages soon, and was wondering how much bandwidth limits I should put on them? I was thinking of unlimited address, but I'm not sure how to gauge the bandwidth. Any suggestions?

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    This is not an easy question to answer, although you can count on the bandwidth used to be much less than a full hosting account.

    Unless people send out mass amounts of email, or receive mass amounts of email, typically, bandwidth usage is extremely low. Setting a space limit will ensure people don't use it as a way to send illegal files.

    Start off with allowing a smaller amount than you think might be normal - if your clients find themselves going over the limit frequently, raise it a bit - clients always like a raise in limits, but never a decrease. If they don't use near as much, well you saved yourself some bandwidth allocation that can be used elsewhere.

    It really is trial and error.
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    I would say 1 GB - 2 GB bandwidth per account max. You want to host many E-mails correct, is so don't offer to much bandwidth.

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    Hostkookster, advice is right start of small and see how it goes

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    I would say 1 GB - 2 GB bandwidth
    For spamming ?

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    10% people drink 90% beer. So you may offer extreme high limits. But now unlimited offers mean bad offers. So you need limit it. But limited too low , you may have lost clients. Limited too high you may attract spammers who will try to proof that they not spammers.

    I think good value is 10 Gb , if someone will send too much , you may close his account.
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    10GB...monthly bandwidth...for an e-mail only account?
    That is over 300MB a day, for just e-mail.

    Give them 1GB per account and be surprised if anyone gets anywhere near that.

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    Maybe charge per usage?

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    how about calculating a ratio of the disk space and bandwidth available with you and then offer bandwidth in proportion to space a customer buys
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