Hey Everyone,
Staminus has the following available. Any server can be used for IRC hosting but IRC IPs must be purchased. To battle denial of service attacks, we employ automatic nullrouting across the network which nullroutes an IP being attacked.

-Package 1-
Pentium4 2.8 GHz (Hyperthreading / 800 FSB)
RedHat 9, FBSD 4.9, or Fedora Core 1
512 PC3200 RAM (Max 4GB)
80 GB 7200 HD
700 GB BW

$159 Monthly | $0 Setup

512MB Upgrade: $20/month $0 setup
80 GB Drive Upgrade: $20/month $0 setup
300 GB BW: $125/month
CPanel: $42.50/month

IP addresses are free with justification for webhosting and $1/month per IP for IRC with a maximum of 50 IPs for the above server configuration. We offer unlimited free support, including free reboots, OS restores, software installations, and kernel recompiles for Linux.

*To sign up, visit http://www.staminus.net and order online. Once the order is verified, we can have your server up instantly.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask me