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    A+ Hosting Eternal customers now being charged $14.95 additional for domain renewal

    Are there any other A+ Hosting Eternal account customers out there who are as outraged as I am about their sudden decision to charge us for the yearly domain name renewal?

    I just received noticed that my domain name is about to expire (in less than a month now) and $14.95 is due to renew my domainname for the next year. I had already paid my yearly maintenance fee of $25 back in February. In the past, this covered domain name renewal.. now James at A+ Hosting is tell me that domain name renewal is no longer "free" -- it is an additional $14.95 per year.

    How outrageous that they take my money upfront and then change the terms of the contract with me..

    I've filed a complaint with the BBB online -- I urge you to do the same if you are unhappy with A+ Hosting's business conduct.

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    do you mean
    Domain Maven

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    A plus seems to find another way to annoy people each month.
    Patron: I'd like my free lunch please.
    Cafe Manager: Free lunch? Did you read the fine print stating it was an April Fool's joke.
    Patron: I read the same way I listen, I ignore the parts I don't agree with. I'm suing you for false advertising.
    Cafe Owner: Is our lawyer still working pro bono?

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    No, this is A+ Hosting. Their domain is

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    I will not name anything "aplus" as long as I live. It looks like a very bad choice...

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    Originally posted by dmaven
    do you mean is a VERY different company than, I have used for years without a single problem, I also have an A+ Eternal account but my domain is hosted elsewhere so I cant say i'm upset with the new rule, however, if I had my domain with them "for free" and was suddenly charged I probably would be - short URL service

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