Greetings everyone.

I am a high school student (will be graduating in less than a month) currently seeking a summer job in an internet hosting related field. I am currently only able to work weekends, but I will be available to work full time after the middle of June. I do not have a preference as to what I would like to do, as I have never worked in the field of hosting before. However, I do have some experience in the field that would allow me to adapt to whatever position you may feel is available, and I am willing to learn new things as I go.

I have a lot of experience using the Windows operating system. In the past, I also had a lot of experience using the Mac operating system, however I have not used it much in recent years. I have some basic knowledge of the bash shell on the Linux operating system, such as compiling and executing programs, manipulating files, and setting permissions through SSH.

I have mantained and helped maintain a few websites in the past. I have experience using Cpanel. I can install various CGI, and PHP scripts. Some of the website scripts I have installed in the past include messageboards, (WWWBoard, InvisionBoard, Ikonboard) content management systems, (PHPNuke, Mambo) counters, news scripts (Moveable Type), and a few others. I believe that it would not be very difficult for me to learn to install other scripts, or assist people in installing scripts.

I have basic knowledge of several programming languages, although probably not enough to develop anything from scratch. I know a fair amount of HTML, but I am not interested in doing website design. I know some Javascript, and have created a few games and programs in it in the past. (Examples available upon request) I know a bit of Java, just enough to make only simple programs or applets. I have some experience with C and C++ as well, however my knowledge and experience there is limited as well. I have done a few simple programs in basic in the past as well, but since nobody really uses that anymore I just listed it for experience. Although I do not know Perl (CGI), or PHP, I have been able to use my knowledge of other programming languages to modify existing scripts to make small changes that I wanted. I have done some work with ASP in the past, however I have not used it recently and do not remember much about it.

I have set up, and assisted others in setting up LAN servers for games such as Counter-Strike, and BattleField1942. I have also installed AdminMod on a Counter-Strike server in the past, and believe I would be able to do others easily by following instructions.

I hope I didn't miss any important details that someone might need to consider this post. If anyone has a position available that they believe I would be able to fill, please contact me with details. I'm open to anything that sounds fair. I can be contacted by ICQ, MSN, or AIM, but please contact me by e-mail first if you wish to do that. I can be contacted by e-mail at the following address:
sappharad (at symbol) sappharad (dot) com
I will also be checking this thread, just in case. Thanks.