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    Text ads and a Skyscraper

    We finally feel the time is right to put on the market for adverts!
    The past three days we've been getting 2000+ uniques a day, and a high of 3000+, we've got stats for the past 6 days (as we've just moved a dedicated server to accomodate the huge growth we're experiencing!), and they show an excellent growth in uniques.
    This friday we've had over 2200 uploaded images, and over 2500 uniques!

    Since we're fairly new we've got no PR as yet, but our daily alexa reach rank for the 13th was 10,161!

    We've got 8 text ads (they will go down the left hand column), and a skyscraper (which will be added in a column on the right) up for grabs!

    Text Ads = $10 each per month
    Skyscraper = $50 per month

    As I unfortunately do not have enough posts to accept PMs, please either
    email: sam[at] or
    msn: peopls[at]
    or post in this thread!

    Any queries welcome, here are our stats from webalizer (please ignore the 8th as it was only a partial day due to the server move, along with the 15th as that screenshot was taken about 3 seconds after midnight).


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    i'll take a text ad,

    please pm me with the information.

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    Thank you
    And just to clarify, neither the text ads or the skyscraper are rotaed in any way.
    So every single visitor will see your advert!

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