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    Accounting & Storefront System Needed


    I have a friend who owns a large car audio store, but has nothing but a simple cash register with a merchant account. He keeps track of all of his speakers and other items by paper. He doesn't have a website either.

    What I/he would like to be able to do is get a computer, be able to put all his items, barcodes, descriptions, quantity, ect in there, and that would sync with an online storefront. Then when an order online or at his actual store would go through, it would show it, and deducat from the number in stock.

    Who providers such a service. He is looking for something low cost, but has many items.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Kyle -

    This can be accomplished several different ways - However, linking the warehouse inventory with a POS and online cart in real time can get expensive..

    One thing I have seen done a few times is for people to use Zen Cart or osCommerce (free shopping carts) as a single solution - Not the smoothest process, particularly at the checkout counter - but, with a good connection, fast printer and an established "house account" that you remained logged into - this can be accomplished...

    This way, you can just update your cart when new shipments arrive...

    Several mods need to be added - barcode for one, mass product attribute (in fact youre probably better off just using a DB Tool like phpmyadmin to update the inventory numbers every delivery (how often, etc all become considerations)

    Hope this helps....

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    I called a client who owns a very small business - she swears by: - she likes the ease of their system for your brick & mortar.

    But for the other - Andrew is right - it can costs about $4,000 for integration. Of course - that is using .NET which is what a few other people that I know have worked out.

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    Check out I'd use it but it won't handle digital downloads.

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