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    buying sites up to $150k

    I'm in the market to buy quality, income producing, profitable, stable websites. my current budget set aside for an acquisition is $150k USD (one-hundred-fifty-thousand US dollars). for any potential site to be considered, I require a minimum gross monthly income of $1000 USD (one-thousand US dollars).

    if you have such property for sale, please email me with minimum requested information found below. if required, I'm prepared to sign any NDA agreements you may need for further disclosure.

    please email me:

    (1) name/url of the site;
    (2) brief description of the site and nature of business;
    (3) years operational;
    (4) amount and source of income;
    (5) expenses involved;
    (6) amount of monthly traffic and sources;
    (7) google PR;
    (8) asking price;

    please, keep in mind that I'm only interested in high-quality, stable businesses.

    email the above information to [email protected] - no PMs please.

    thank you, lcdss

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    Have you looked at the various web hosting related web sites on this forum which are for sale?

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    yes, I have.

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    Originally posted by dubnoir
    yes, I have.
    Do you have any instant messenger software?

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    i might have something you are looking for. sending you email.

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    Good lord, $150,000? Never seen an offer like that before. I wouldn't have said that though, just watch out for phonies cause I can almost guarantee you'll run into a lot. Good luck though, you won't need it.
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    please no requests for instant messaging or phone calls at this juncture. a simple email with the above information will suffice at this time.

    thank you.

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    Email sent.

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    i have just email you
    We buy Hosts.
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    Check out this link.

    I have a site for sale on there that can bring you in income

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