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Thread: Out bound Spam

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    Out bound Spam

    Ok I know we have inbound mail scanners for spam but is there one that scans outbound mail for spam? If not any good way to check for spammers on your server?
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    Easist thing to do is to check out bound volume.

    Also, some control panels, such as Cpanel, can limit the number of pieces per domain per hour. We use this funtion on all of our shared servers. It works very well. We keep it to 300 outgoing emails per domain per hour. We have not had a complaint yet from either our clients or our two ISPs.

    On our colo clients we keep a very close eye on mail volume.

    We have a very strict set of email policies but in 4 years we have only had 5 spam complaints and no IP or domains black listed.

    Do yourself a favour create a set of email policies and stick to them no matter what. It will save you many headaches.
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    I think there are some firewall units that will also check out-going for spam.
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    1) Have an email policy
    2) restrict the number of email sending on a per hour basis
    3) Restrict mass-mailing

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