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    Legit marketing campaigns

    Are there any companies that offer legit mailing lists for marketing purposes. SPAM immediately comes to mind, but we are looking for people that want, and actually sign up for, certain types of information? If so, any idea who can I get a list from?

    I am looking at offering voice services to small-medium sized businesses within the US, but do not want to blanket the world with unwanted email (from me at least).

    Many thanks in advance.
    Rodney McCabe
    Vestals Gap Consulting, LLC

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    Originally posted by Yaser
    check out microsoft's bcentral
    From the FAQ there:
    The data is compiled from the best sources available for identifying businesses:
    Telephone Directory Business Listings

    Annual reports, 10-K's, and other SEC information

    County courthouse and Secretary of State data

    Business magazines and top newspapers

    Postal Service information (NCOA)
    Doesn't sound at all like what rollsman is looking for, which is "people that want, and actually sign up for, certain types of information."

    It also seems to emphasize mailing addresses and telephone numbers, but he's looking for email addresses (if I read the post correctly).

    There are any number of list brokers, both traditional ones that have begun offering email (database america, for example, or Experion) and newer ones that specialize in it. The thing is no matter what email mailing list you buy, you're almost certain to get some spam complaints if you mail to a significant number of addresses.
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    Sorry JayC

    WHT has a leads membership, you can register for that.

    Check these results from Google,

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    Thanks guys!
    Rodney McCabe
    Vestals Gap Consulting, LLC

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