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    Looking for Tech. Support Job

    I am currently seeking employment doing a Tech Support or server administration job.

    Job Skills.

    I have 4 years in server administration and security. This includes
    setting up cpanel control software, dns maintnance, installing and maintaining firewalls and misc. other security softwares. I have 4 years experience with WHM server control softare aswell. I know as you can say the "ins and outs" of the software.

    I also have 5 years in technical support issue related work.
    This includes maintaining Cpanel/WHM software.
    Answering and assiting clients in email support, live chat support and instant messaging support.

    I have ran a hosting business in the past and would like to continue to contribute to the hosting work field.

    Please if anyone is looking for a experienced Tech Support Staff or Admin email me or PM me.
    I will be looking forward to your replies.

    Jeramie at digi-creations dot com.

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    Still looking for employment. Thanks

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