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    Prevent double rating + php

    Hey guys,

    As some of you may know, my new website,, went live Monday. I had some scripting in place that attempted to prevent double-voting with IP logging, but it would prevent some legit users from being able to vote at all.

    I'm not sure how other sites do it, or if they do it at all, but does anyone have any suggestions on how I could prevent someone from being able to rate the same person over and over?

    Jon Marus

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    you aren't going to be able to stop someone who is determined to vote over and over. But you can slow them down.

    You have a couple options:
    - Require membership and track which members have voted.
    - Require cookies and keep a database of cookie ids of who have voted ( you could pair this with an ip addresses in the table so at least you could check to see if someone was voting over and over again.)

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    I do not think there is ANY WAY to stop someone from Voting, except as ambirex said you will have to take more steps to slow them down.

    As you know, if you do allow users to vote only from one ip, there are places where there are like 50 computers linked to one ip (cafe's).

    Then if one person votes the others cant.
    Whenver i turn the computer off, the box (dsl) reassigns a different ip to my computer, which i can vote again.

    As always even if u require registration ( i can register with 10 different accounts) and keep on voting!


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    Ya, I think I just won't worry too much about it. It's not life or death anyways.

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    i found ur website to be down O_o

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    I don't think it's down. When did you check?

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    Seem cookies will be more helpful in this case.

    But you must understand . It's like you send few agents to collect people opinion, if you will not ask people to show passport or driver license , they can go from one agent to other and vote few times. But asking passport you will collect less opinions , because you need their opinion not they need to vote.

    - Collection IP may prevent from voting at same agent twice.
    - Cookies is like you mark every person who voting, but he can clean your mark or reject to be marked.
    - Registration it's like to ask his name before voting. (no guarantees still)
    There is no way with passport , may be if you ask their credit card it would be near same.

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    The site is not down, the link has a comma in it:,/ - just remove the comma

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    it doesnt work w/o the comma either...

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    Originally posted by ilyash
    it doesnt work w/o the comma either...
    it does for me.. its a matching website!!

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