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    How to detect if your clients are sending spam email?

    How to detect if your clients are sending spam email?
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    Well, if you notice unusally high number of emails sent from an account, it could mean it's spamming - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    Also if one of our customers have we get alot of reports from upset people sent to our abuse email address.

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    Re: How to detect if your clients are sending spam email?

    Originally posted by phoebs
    How to detect if your clients are sending spam email?
    Can anyone share his/her experience?
    I don't think this exactly fits what your looking for, but it has helped up to identify mass mailings before just based on the outbound mail queue.

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    Your outbound mail queue is the key, if they are spamming it will be full of bounces and stuff waiting to be sent, you may notice patterns in the emails that will give them away as spam.

    Also keep an eye on your postmaster and abuse addresses for complaints and bounces.
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    yeap say dynanet said outbound is the key!

    also keep an eye on postmaster@


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    If you get a copy of the Spam mail being sent - the header can often give you some clues as well..

    As preciously mentioned, monitor your outgoing Q and your logs...

    Depending what your setup is, spammers can be difficult to track down sometimes - follow the clues - you will get there...

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    Also be sure to keep an eye on "TOP" - people who spam will either use a third party program and spam through an authenticated SMTP, or they'll use a script, like CGI.

    If you have root access, be sure to check your load averages often - you'll begin to get a feel for what your server is capable of, and what those load averages should be on average. If you find that loads seem unusually high, chances are you have a resource abuser - poorly written CGI script - or a spammer in your midst. If it's through CGI, you will see the username associated with the CGI script in TOP.
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    Take care about your logs and abuse mail

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