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    Experience with webhostxl

    I registered about 3 months ago and until now, not a sigle messages from me to the support was answered.

    There was once when the server went down for about 2 days and it totally threw me off.

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    I can say it's definantly time to find a new web host. I hope you didn't pay by the year.

    You should read other forums here and learn how to find a good web host. One of the first things you should do before signing with any web host is to test out there support.

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    Well, support responded before the purchase..

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    3 month without answering a support e-mail/ticket is a serious problem. I, as user, would not even stay with them if the first 3 e-mails/tickets are not answered within a timely matter.

    As AuthorityHost said, try out the support respond time of a host you'd like to sign up with. A very good method to know if they are good or not.
    PierreB - Montreal

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