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    [FOR SALE] Template

    Template for sale. Was originaly designed for hosting but can be modified to fit another need.

    This templates comes uncoded
    You get the Photoshop .psd file or the Illustrator .ai file.
    Site was designed in Illustator.

    Bidding starting at 100$ - Don't forget you get the original file.

    I can be contacted via email at yougagnon[at]
    or on MSN, also at yougagnon[at]


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    Not meaning to sound rude or anything, but is there any more to that template, am i missing some, or is it just the header and side bar?

    Just wondering, nice tho.

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    Just as a general tip, the more time you put into your templates, the more you will get for them

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    alright the 100$ thing was .. lets say ... a test

    I'll let it go for 15 bucks

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