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    Design and content ripoff

    While searching for my company's name in Google, I came across a site that has blatantly stolen not only the design of the site but even the text content:



    The Buckwebhost design is virtually identical to the original LiveRack design with the colors changed around. Their hosting plans page has the same format and the a exact same introductory text as ours.

    And it doesn't end there. Buckwebhost's support page lists some Flash tutorials. They're all however, pointing to's tutorials!

    The ultimate proof that this is a ripoff comes from this page:

    Ok, I am looking to build a simple custom web hosting site. It will be called[...] A good example of the way I want the site to look can be found at It is very clean and simple, and easy to to read. More focus is on graphics, with some PHP scripting also.
    As you can see, Buckwebhost paid $150 to a programmer there to have a site made to 'look like' The problem here though is, the Buckwebhost design and content are blatantly stolen from LiveRack with tutorials hotlinked from NexusPortal.

    When contacted by us regarding the stolen content, Buckwebhost responded "We did no such thing, the design was done for me by a group of designers
    from India".

    It's ridiculus how low some of these people will go.
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    its not really a rip its just a very very inspired poorly recreated site... and unless the text was copywrited you cant really do much... what you can and should do is get them for the hotlinking.
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    Not much resemblance, however the copy issue is something they need to address.

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    I agree there same layout style but its different. I keep mentioning sometimes you have to consider some of these may be from resellers. If a reseller is starting out where else are they going to get the ideas on how a host site should be. I understand makes others look bad when they screw up. but there learning and hopefully move on and redo it from there own experience but "the hot linking is fowl" but as far as layout and some txt I dont see the problem provided there are actualy resellers for the company . In that case they company who there reselling for and copied ideas from are still actualy growing and benefit from it. If they just plain stole it and resell for someone else thats even worse

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    not sure about ripoff

    I do see some design similarity, but not ripoff..layout is similar, but so are hundreds of other sites..liverack does not have that revolutionary new design that nobody else out there have. plus it looks as though buckwebhost has some very different features such as Windows hosting .. so I am not convinced about ripoff...

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    Design is inspired ...

    Content ... seems as though they removed it. I guess you have no more issue with them.
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