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    Backup Mail Service which allows retrieval of mail or provides WebMail

    Any such service? I understand that alot of backup mail service would queue when the primary mail server time out.. But what if waiting for the primary mail server is taking too long.. And there's an urgent mail coming in.. I'm a reseller and I'm unlucky to have shifted this particular client twice this month.. One due to the Josuee activity then later the other one a DOS attack.. I've read up and asked DNSMadeEasy but it seems like a custom solution which would costs much. I still don't understand what's so difficult/expensive in offering POP3/IMAP/WebMail on the backup mail service..

    It would be perfect if there are such backup mail server which allows you to forward e mails in queue when you need it or rather retreive mails from the queue..

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    It's a totally different type of solution to be able to access POP3/IMAP/Webmail.

    What's needed is real-time replication between the primary mail server and the secondary mail server. You would also need your DNS to point the domain at the secondary mail server when the primary machine goes down since you need webmail.

    Then, there's the problem of data integrity and consistency between the two, and how you sync back once the main server is up etc.

    Totally different monster from just a backup queue.
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    I'm talking based on a simpler version...

    Say the backup service is on
    So when user tries to retrieve emails from primary server or uses webmail on primary server and it's down, user would check
    I guess I wouldn't need private labeling here.. The particular user would be let known say in future if or e mail server is down, check for mails in queue..
    There's no need to sync just set the backup mail server to allow retrievals but leave mails on server unless if the user is on webmail and hit delete.

    I tot it would be simple since it's just retrieving mail in queues.. probably I don't understand how mail queues work.. but the idea sounds pretty simple..

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