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    Which forum is better. Ikonboard or phpBB?

    I'm looking to incorporate a board on my site..Which is better. Ikonboard or phpBB?

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    I've never used Ikonboard, but I really like phpBB. I've also heard that SMF is good. Try looking for it at

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    Both ok considering they are free. vbulletin is the daddy though, worth the cash if your forum is going to be used heavily!

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    For a free program, I tend to like Ikonboard better. phpbb tends to never work on a dial up connection for me.

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    I find that phpbb's search function returns a lot of irrelevant results.
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    i think life is all good

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    I would stay away from ikonboard personaly.

    and phpbb doesn't work on dialup? care to elaborate?

    take a look at invisionboard, the creator or ikonboard moved on some time ago, and this is his new creation

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    phpBB has always been a strong piece of free software IMHO.

    However, I invite you to take a look at SMF since it's a new type of forum software. I'm currently using it for two of my community websites (beta version) and it's just as fast as vB and really every bit as good as vB. if you'd like to take a look.

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    Between the two you have mentioned, I would choose phpBB. I have used them in the past on a number of sites and had few if any problems.

    As for load time issues on slower connections - everything loads slow on a 56k connection and I have never had any issues with them taking longer to load than anything else.
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    if you're looking for a free board, also check out invision power board. they have a lot of loyal users.

    personally, i think vbulletin is the best forum out there but it isn't free.
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    "...if you're looking for a free board, also check out invision power board. they have a lot of loyal users..."

    That's what I use now, but didn't mention it as he was debating between two others. However, I would also recommend Invision Boards should you be willing to try something other than those two.
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    /not part of the question,

    but i too would recommend invision.

    my personal favourite is amazing. used to be great because it seemed much faster than the rest (its text only) (if you dont care for the avatar / sig etc nonsense) but the rest are well caught up now and much better written to perform better.

    phorum is so easy to customise and hack too, but if you go for a vb licence, you'll never look back at the others ever again!

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    Yeah, phpBB is a good board, but a couple of the recent versions have had exploits, not 2.08 though.

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    I prefer Ikonboard over PhpBB, because PhpBB is very limited in its customization in my opinion. But what tops them both, is Invision Power Boards.
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    My favorite board is PHPBB, although invision is pretty good. It is also easier to install.

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    On PHPBB, it seems that no matter what board i visit(that was made by PHPBB) I cant post or even register in some cases. My web host has it installed already but I opted for Ikonboard. But I may look into this Invision board.

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    im one of those loyal invison power board users, great board, i have expirence with phpbb and invision. invision > phpbb IMO

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    Simple Machines

    I recommend Simple Machines.
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    Ikonboard is classy and easy to install

    Hi Dude,

    I have tried both..IkonBoard is a better bet , but then most web hosting firms are giving you an installed copy of free phpbb....with aut installer its as easy as snap.. but minusses are many

    If you r good in php customization that you can change looks of phpbb , though there r style sheets and all, stil it cant give you the full custom look unless you are a pro web designer/developer.

    Go with IkonBoard.

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