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    High School Student Needs Job

    Hello everyone, my name is Tyler and I am in need of a job. The only problem is that I cannot work on weekends, this limits me from getting a real life job at a local business. My expertise is HTML, and I love working with people in customer service and support. If there is anything that I don't know, I can learn it quickly enough to work for your company.

    I would like to work part time, Monday-Friday anywhere from 1 PM to 11 PM.

    I can work in technical support (if given a small amount of time to learn it if I don't know it), sales (if paid on a salary not commisioned), customer service (helping people navigate the site/deal with problems.), web design (if you have a .pdf I can slice it and code it), Forum setup (I've setup just about every forum on the net at one point or another). Or any other job that you might have for me.

    The reason I need this job is because my family is struggling with the bills, and I need to help out, the only problem is that I can't work on the weekends, and that makes the rest of the businesses around here discouraged to employ me.

    If you know of, or have a job please let me know either in response to this, e-mail ([email protected]) AIM: OutlawStarwind2, YIM: OutlawStarwind2, MSN: [email protected].

    Please, normally I don't beg, but in this situation we are in dire need of money.

    (In case you were wondering, the reason why I can't work weekends is because Saturday mornings I get to see my girlfriend for about 5 hours a week, then I have to go and take care of my great grandmother from noon to 8 PM, then Sunday I coach a little league hockey team and visit with my family Sunday night (not to mention do any homework I might have).

    So please, if you know of anything please, I'm begging you, let me know.

    thank you for your time.

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    Good luck with your intentions... I am also a high school student, and although I cannot honestly say I am in the same financial situtation that you are, I wish you luck in finding a company who could use your help. Good luck Tyler.

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    im 13 and in teh same situation, if yall want maybe we could ghet together and work on my business, and share profits, ive dont it all, and have worked for companies, and have had and have my own!

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    Originally posted by
    im 13 and in teh same situation, if yall want maybe we could ghet together and work on my business
    Don't. You're 13 and in no shape to start a business. For all we know, you could dump all your clients once school starts again in 2 months. It gives the industry a bad rep, and leaves the clients pissed off.

    Originally posted by
    ive dont it all
    No, you haven't. At the age of 13 you have had hardly enough time to explore the surface of this industry.

    My advice: Don't "get together" and start a business. It will only come back to bite you in the end. Try getting a job with another company.

    I'm not bashing, just providing some constructive criticism.
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    True, True.

    He has a point, Wait and Learn .


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