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    Most important shopping cart features?

    I'm trying to compile a list of features that are a "must have" for a shopping cart. Please post shopping cart features that you can't live without...

    I'll start the list:

    - Inventory management
    - Handles coupons/discounts
    - US and Canadian tax zones
    - Integration with shipping API
    - Buy Now (direct to checkout)
    - what else...?

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    Integration with many 3rd party processors and major payment gateways.
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    be easy to skin
    support other lang then english
    can do auto resize for images "can make a small copy of the product from the larg image with good quality"
    has a banner system for running advertisments

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    Securely handling sensitive credit card information is a primary concern to both merchants and consumers alike

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    i would want it to have an option not to save any credit card info so if it does get hacked my clients card will be safe
    even the page that you enter the card number in it would be on the payment gateway so i would not need a cert on the domain plus people would trust the gate way more then the domain selling the product

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