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    Lightbulb [REQ] Content Writer Needed

    Greetings everyone!

    I have been a bit overwhelmed with juggling a myriad of projects lately, so with my time contraints, I need to get some reliable help with developing some fairly straightforward content for at least 3, possibly 4 websites I'm creating.

    None of the projects are very complicated, and because of affiliations that our company has, we can recycle content from a few other sources available as long as the content is modified to be specific to our company.

    If you are a content writer with reasonable rates or ideas for trade, then please contact me ASAP for details. Leave a PM here for quickest response, and please include an email addrses or AIM/Yahoo/MSN ID as well.

    Of note, I am willing to work with those of lesser experience to help you with filling up your portfolio or showcase.

    Thanks to everyone in advance! I have had a lot of luck finding competent people to work with on WHT, and that is a rare thing indeed.


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    If the content is not overly technical, I have a contact with an English degree and journalism experience who may be interested.

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    I will be able to handle this request in a timely fashion, we can discuss rates as I am flexible, contact me via email geoff at for IM details.

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