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    Angry My Experience with HostGator

    I've been looking for a reliable web host this week and lurked around the forum for many days. Mainly due to the nice comments I could read here about HostGator and the specific features they had (Urchin stats to name it), I decided to get a hosting account with them 2 days ago. Their website looks professional, they even give tips on how to transfer your domain without getting any downtime. Nice stuff. So I wanted to share my experience with them with this board.

    So I went ahead and got an account. 30 minutes later, I got a welcome email from Hostgator with the new Nameservers I should use. I then uploaded my site to Hostgator and at my registrar's immediately replaced the old nameservers by the new ones I was just given by email.

    To avoid downtime, I made sure not to cancel my "old" hosting account. This way, while the new IP propagates, people would still be sent to my old one, and then automatically to my HostGator account once the new IP finished propagating.

    In the meantime, I decided to log into CPanel and check out Urchin which was a big reason why I chose them over other hosts. I could not find it anywhere even though it was listed as an account feature. Hmm, I decided to contact their support on MSN only to be told that their management decided to remove it because it was found buggy.... So why exactly is it still listed on the account features page? I call this deceptive advertising. I was told to contact Support by email, which I did, but I never received any answer back. Hey, nice start... Good way to make you feel welcome.

    Now back the domain name transfer to Hostgator. By the end of the day yesterday, I typed in my domain name address only to find a page saying site cannot be found. Weird. This should not happen as I took all precautions for this precisely not to happen (old hosting account still active). So I contacted Hostgator tech support on MSN to ask them why this was happening and to check if something was wrong with their server. He answered that no this was normal stuff and that I should just wait. The tone of his answer clearly showed he thought I was a newbie so I insisted again this should not happen. I was given the same answer, "wait" in a 'I know better than you do' tone. Nice... I know I was definitely right so I insisted again there should just be no downtime at all and that I did stuff the right way. And it's when I gave him the URL of their own page which explains how not to get any downtime that he seemed to focus a bit more... He then again asked me for my domain name and account... That says a lot... what was he checking out before when he told me everything was fine with my account? His emails? Probably...

    Anyway, he checked my account, for real this time, and told me there was a problem in the zone file. He wanted me to send a support ticket, and said that they would take care of this "very soon". Thing is, by that time, my website had already been down for 6 hours... Since I had sent a support ticket the day before which went unanswered (Urchin), I asked him politely if he could take care of that problem now. No answer. Then minutes later, I got "our guys will take care of this *possibly* in 30 minutes". Maybe he should just have let me know that he did not care at all from the start? Anyway, I did send a ticket anyway with my account name, domain name, and what the tech guy said the problem was. 15 minutes later I received an email from support asking me about.. guess what... the IP of my domain (which they had given to me by email the day before), the details of my nameservers (which they had given to me by email the day before), and "the server name on which your domain will reside on".. How the heck am I supposed to know that? It's their job! They keep Impressing me...

    40 minutes later, Support emailed me back saying there was indeed a problem (oh surprise!): the nameservers they gave me were wrong, and they sent me new ones to use. Sweet, this meant downtime was going to last *at least* 24 more hours. And still, not a single apology, no sorry, no nothing. Classy! After all, they only made me lose a day and a half worth of sales. Thanks!

    Sooner today, I could not even reach my Hostgator hosted site by simply typing the IP address of the server on which it's hosted on (which I at least could do the day before). Just gotta say, congrats HostGator, I've had many hosts but they're by far the worst I've ever had and it's just been 2 days. Count on me to bolt by the end of the week. Maybe my problems are just an exception, maybe not. Anyway, I think webmasters have to know about these incidents. Beware guys.

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    Hmmm... Sorry you had a bad experience hopefully you will rise up from this and it wont be a deja vu

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    What is your domain with us? I don't think we've ever given out the wrong name servers before, and if we did that's an easy fix so you don't have downtime. Just point the zone to the new ip.

    Your site should load off ip/~username/ don't forget the trailing /
    Are you down still? If so call us so we can get you up.

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    Hi Hostgator,

    check with your support team, they'll know what's been going on (account bresso), hmm actually will they? After signup, I've been emailed the nameservers and , instead of and

    Hostgator Support told me to change them to the latter nameservers yesterday night. You should see with them about the "easy fix" you're talking about, because they obviously don't know anything about it..

    The site's now working... at last. It's a little late to wake up though: I've had 29 hours of downtime and don't plan on sticking with you much longer.

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    There's no excuse for incompetence, and if it had happened to me,I'd have posted here as well and would have been tearing my hair out. I don't blame you for that at all.

    However, putting it into a wider perspective, we've had no problems at all, have had 100% uptime since we signed up (a month or two ago) and the sites load very quickly.

    I'd give them a chance to redeem themselves. One mistake doesn't make a crap company and the signs from our experience are good.
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    I'm sure every host has its share of problems. I totally understand that.

    However what made it really bad is that at no point did I receive any apology for the downtime and the problems. Also, based on the interactions I've had with their arrogant and incompetent Support staff (both on MSN and by email), I can say it will be hard for me to trust them again. They seem just not to care at all and I don't want that kind of people to host my site.

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    And this keeps getting better. My site now doesn't show up anymore. Instead all I'm getting is errors 404. Seems like the site has been erased. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

    I did not think incompetence could reach such a high level

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    Your site is all about stealing music, and linking to sites with full album downloads. We put your site on hold until we could speak with you, but since you signed up with a fake number that didn't work out to well. Your site wasn't suppose to be fixed till someone spoke with you on the phone. Upon reading this I saw it was backup and running took it down again, but then decided to put it back up giving you 48 hours to find a new host. I'm sorry we won't be able to host you. This is something we don't want to get caught up with.

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    Let me see... you're trying to hide the incompetence of your Support team behind false excuses? is about letting people know more about the mp3 world: it has many tutorials and help newcomers get up to speed with that technology, it also mp3 radio links, mp3 news, ... It does also have *links* to sites that have *links* to mp3 music.

    Let me ask you: since when are links illegal? The site's been online since 1997 and we never received any complaint from any copyright holder or organization representing copyright holders. Is this a hint or what?

    About the "fake phone number", do you guys know there is a world outside of the USA? Do you know about international phone numbers? Nah, probably not. If it does not look like a US phone number, it's definitely fake, right?

    You really are even worse than I thought. At least this thing will show webmasters how pitiful and incompetent you guys are.

    Let me be as classy as you've been.

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    Awful lot of name calling for us refunding your payment, and honoring your request for 5 days to find a new host. Fake might not have been the best choice of words but “non working number” would be. When you have a US address and an international number without country code we can’t reach you. I'm not going to comment any further on this. I am sorry, and I hope you have better luck with your next host.

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    I am sorry, I am the bad guy here... I almost forgot

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