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    Opinions on SSL providers (from Verisign to Geotrust!)

    Hi There,

    OK, used to be all my clients used Verisign SSL because it was the only game in town. Now you can get SSL for $50/yr or similar. What's the consensus opinion?

    Is it still worth using Verisign for the credibility of the name (I mean even Thawte who's probably number 2 is hardly a household name amongst non-geeks)? Most of my clients can afford Verisign (think mid sized manufacturers and retailers with 2-3 decent shops), but some find it pricy and I'm also worried about my liability if I have to move them to a different server and eat the $400 to get them a cert on the new box.

    So, opinions please. And if you're going for a discount SSL, where do you get it and how much for 40 and 128 bit respectively are we talking about?

    Best Wishes,
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    I usually get the from EV1 - depending on the size / volume we either get the ChainedSSL or Geotrust. There was a discussion on some other forums that if someone's grandmother had the same two products up but one used Verisign - the grandmother would use them. I doubt that it really the case. They feel that since Verisign provides that little extra "seal" - it shows they are secure - which of course is not really the case.

    You tell people they are secure & you tell them how to check. That way you are teaching them something & hopefully they will appreciate it.
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    If you don't require any "trust" services and just desire the 128bit encryption without a warning flag being thrown at the browser then you will be served well by low price SSL certs.

    I've tried , VeriSign, Thawte, Comodo and FreeSSL and they all essentially provide the same thing except the former two take many more steps to prove your identity.

    At this point I'm using FreeSSL's StarterSSL products, all clients seek is that little padlock on the status bar and StarterSSL provides it just as well as the rest, it's also not chained like the Comodo InstantSSL product line which means easier install.
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    I use Comodo certificates and have not had any problems with installing them.

    OK, it normally means one extra step to install the intermediate but so what.

    Functionally all certificates work the same way whether you go for one that uses a chain or not.

    I stick with Comodo because the support when I needed it was excellent.

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    GeoTrust served us well and thus far satisfied with it!
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    We use GeoTrust from They work great, are easy to install, and have fast delivery.
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