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    Im looking for a straight forward approach to advertising on my one site.

    My options are (so far):

    doing it myself - taking payments over paypal I take the most profit.

    also I can track stats/take CC payments etc.
    The fee is 25%, but they do most of the work.


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    Outsourcing services can be good when first starting out. I think it really depends on your market and your ability to get advertisers. If you have the time and ability to get advertisers on your own, not only is the profit better, but you can establish relationships with the advertisers. Establishing a good relationship (and one that is profitable for both parties) can create long term revenue.

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    no idea about marketbankers, but outsourcing is a good idea as it will give you more time to focus on your site and stop worrying about advertisers, payments, cc chargeback/frauds etc.
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    I've used them before for a personal site, but did not sell any ads. However, a friend of mine has used them and sold ads before and everything is ok so far.
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