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    Where to by 2nd-hand cisco equipment in Seattle?

    Is there anyone from Seattle? I'm going there next month and while I'm there I'd like to check out networking equipment shops for good cisco deals. If you know of one, can you recommend it?

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    You really can't find better deals for used Cisco equipment then on Ebay IMO.

    Also if you do a search for cisco equipment here you will often find some selling this as well at a reasonable price..
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    You are probably not going to find ANY cisco in any retail or surplus shop in the seattle area. RE-PC in Downtown Seattle may have old Baynetworks 10BT stuff, but anything more recent and useable is just too scarce.

    People and business tend to hang on to good equipment, and the .com bust has long ended in Seattle. A few years ago, almost half of our business was in used computer and networking equipment, now it's almost none.

    Our store (See my signature line) used to see tons of it, we haven't had one piece of cisco gear come through in more than a year now, including the old cisco stuff.. It's just not available, or it all goes on eBay.
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    Ebay always worked great for me too.

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    If your looking for absolutely the best deal, you need to hit up ebay. Make sure to read seller's feedback, because there is always a small risk going that route.

    If your looking to get a decent price, but just want to interact with a single point of contact, then I suggest (Call them, you can often get them to budge on the prices listed on their website) or (not as big a selection).

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    I would reccomend Network Hardware Resale myself.

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