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    Post AexiManagement : Open For Business!


    We are proud to announce the official launch of, who's aim is to bring its customers high quality server management solutions. We have spent many months developing our products to suit every individual and hope the solutions listed below will benefit the readers here at webhostingtalk.

    To mark the grand opening of AexiManagement we are currently offering a $25 discount on our highly popular server security audit plan, lowering the charge to a one-off payment of only $50 per audit. For more information on this package and the others we currently offer please continue reading.


    Security Audit -- $50.00 / Per Server
    - Tighten Inetd Services
    - ClamAV Installation
    - SIM Installation
    - Kernel Upgrade
    - Sysctl Hardening
    - Daily chkrootkit reports
    -----More Info-----

    Monthly Management -- $89.95 / Per Month
    - Monthly Security Audit
    - 2 Way Service Monitoring
    - Automated downtime alerts
    - Advanced support centre
    - Web Based Service Restarts
    - 24/7 Email Support
    -----More Info-----

    Hourly Support -- $25.00 / Per Hour
    - Access to knowledgable Server Administrator
    - 7 Days Support (For any problems)
    - Use administrator at your own discression
    - Installation / Configuration of software / services
    - Issues Troubleshooting
    - Direct cell to engineer
    -----More Info-----

    Kernel Re-Compile -- $20.00 / Per Compile
    - Compiled from source
    - GrSecurity Module Included
    - Role-Based Access Control
    - IP-based roles
    - Nested subjects
    - Role transition tables
    -----More Info-----

    As you can see all our solutions are tailor made to suit markets ranging from webhosts to financial institutions, when topped with 24/7 technical support available via numerous methods including aim, icq, msn, cell and email for such a low price it makes all our products very worth while.

    So why not get in touch with us today, for a free consultation. Although private messages and emails are prefered we are also willing to discuss your requirements over instant message. Our details can be found in our profile.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Aexi was great, they’re done several comprehensive security audits for me in the past – and have always done a superb job. Additionally I had hired one of their admins to help me out a few times with hourly support payments, and the service was impeccable.

    Quality services! I recommend them as a great alternative solution to other management / security companies out there.

    Brendan Diaz

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