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    My story with Hostdime

    when i try to get server i confused with managed/ not managed so i try to find company can managed the server - i joined here to find good company and ask about good coompanies where i can get good server / good support .
    i found alot of threads about alot of copmanies wich says says : managed servers - will help you - will do every thing for you - you will find us 24h/7days - gooooood talk before you sign - later : don't ask me you will find it out
    i found that No bad things about so i go for it and
    call them : talk to guy cald Manny he said : YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ON ANY SERVICES - JUST your monthley payment .

    i believe him

    get the server in 1/21/2004 .

    Now : almost 4 months

    in march i upgrade the server without get charged .
    in march by mistake i paid two times for the same server using two deffrantce cc .
    In phone call less than ten minutes i got my money back ( they also say sorry for this mistake !! its my mistake i use two cards )

    server running more than fine

    they answer calls .. they also do all what i ask

    they make me smile always

    they deserve what they ask : $$$

    I trust this company and iam gonna ask for the 2nd server soon ... iam happy with Hostdime


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    Glad to see you are happy Ahmad. It is nice to see the 'good' threads for a change

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    Australia (Crikey)
    Glad to hear your happy with your host. Its becoming more rare these days...

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    Isn't your server slow ?

    Because as what I can see, their links are maxed out.

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    Hi Illogix,

    I am not sure how you define slow. They wrote in their website they got Pentium 4 HT CPU. And on top of that, I would just like to highlight that their network availability is quite consistent in Asia (where I am). On the other hand , I cant say the same for some servers with The Planet. I cant say for sure if this is not about IP banning from my local ISP, but I can tell that so far, whenever I browse for hostdime dot com, it never misses a beat. But the ones from theplanet, it was disappointing sometimes when I got Page Cannot Be Displayed.

    Not sure what is the problem


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    Its showing all their lines are "Down for maintanence"
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    I got a hostdime box about a week ago

    Every time i've called support they always gave me a very solid answer and weren't arseholes to me or anything.

    I've worked with Paul, Abi and Manny, all of them have always been very nice over AIM and such.

    I can't give a full review of things yet though, since i've only been with them a week >)

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    yea, manny is a nice guy...spoke with him a few times months ago on phone. He does try to help the customer out.

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    yep manny is great person, we working also with HOSTDIME ,we official resellers of HostDime ,HostDime is great!

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    More than a year with hostdime

    Hostdime is still my best hosting

    I have 3 servers

    will sign for server Number 4 in a week

    Starting with Manny .. he is still the same Manny

    David is the hero ( your money in safe side )

    Admin Paul ( if you talk to him believe me your problem is something in the Past )

    and all the staff are greats

    Eric ... Shivin Hameed ... Pat W ... Josh ... Amal ( I LIke your name ) ... ....

    my friend have two servers with company when he need support he send email and waiting sometimes he wait aday or more to get the replay .

    he is in the way to move to hostdime after i told him in call they will be fixed ( didn't believe me in the first but i called front of him and he didn't thinking there is support very fast like that )

    Good luck Hostdime


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    As I have said before, I love Hostdime, at firt I was worried about moving most of my servers from Ezzi to Hostdime, due to how could a host in Orlando have a good backbone?

    Well HostDime is the best network I have been on, and fast. I can get 7mbits between my CA server and HostDime server.

    Im so glad I moved some from ezzi (still in process) but Ezzi has some of the most rude support I have ever seen.

    I have 4 servers with Hostdime and getting 4 more this month.

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