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    Whats the best deal out there on an SSL Certificate?


    This is sort of pertaining to e-commerce. Does anyone have any ideas on what the best deal out there is on an SSL Certificate? Just curious what people have found. I've done some searching, but thought this might save some time. Thanks.
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    Did you check the ones out in - those are a pretty good deal from ChainedSSL & Geotrust.

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    I signed up for their 6 months free cert simply to play about with SSL, I've no complaints.

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    Thanks. I'll check them out. I appreciate it.
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    You can also consider They also have some nice rates
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    I would also suggest you take a look at not just the price but the browser ubiquity. If the root you end up using doesn't have good ubiquity you may as well be using a self-signed cert.
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    Agreed on the last comment regarding ubiquity.

    I use Comodo certs from which are good value for money.
    They aslo have a good technical support team.

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