Anyone have some? I'm looking into buying Xforce3D - - but I noticed it doesn't work on video; I could of sworn I've seen some that work on video (Or have a convertor to convert video, with it).

I've google'd the glasses, but not many matches - I'd like to hear some reviews; I've heard good things about some of these 3d goggles, but xforce is the only one I can remember

Do the goggles ACTUALLY make the images, games, videos, etc. - 3d? Well, appear 3d - enough to make it worth the money, to someone who has extra money.

Update: I just found - these are the glasses I was looking for, I've read a few reviews and 'Will Wheaton from G4' (Whoever that is, old star trek guy?) uses them - are these any better? Almost twice as much, but supposibly better.