View Poll Results: How do you prefere to get software?

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  • I prefere to download it

    9 81.82%
  • I prefere order CDs - it's more safe in case system crash

    2 18.18%
  • I prefere order CDs - it does not occupy my hard disk

    0 0%
  • Does not matter

    0 0%
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    * How do you prefere to get software?

    Dear users of this forum, please, kindly answer thye following question:

    How do You prefere to get software - from the Internet or order CDs?

    it's very interesting question for me and i'd like to know your opinion on this topic.
    I am very thankful to all of you.

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    I dont mind downloading software - but I always like to have a CD copy. I voted for CD - so, I guess my ideal circumstance would be to download it and have a CD sent to me (or - permanent download rights with my license key - at least as long as my key is valid)

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    I agree with gargoyle.

    I love it when companies offer instant downloads, so I can immediatly start using there software. I also like to have CD backups in case of a system crash.

    I already have enough things to download again if my HD fails, so getting a CD is important to me. There is also alot of stuff I have downloaded and don't use to often, but if my HD crashes then I will probably forget where to get the software again.

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    I too like instant download option with a backup CD to follow.
    I can pay and start using the softyware immediately and know that a few days later I'll have a "hard copy" in case of HD failure etc.

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