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    For those who don't like automatically renewal fee charged

    Let's help each other list host or domain co.
    because it happened to me. They auto charge my credit card without my approval. - domain - host

    I hate them...

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    Did you contact their billing dept.? I never heard of but have heard of and not had a problem yet. Before posting here it my be best to see what they can do about it if you havent already.
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    I hate automated billing aswell i try to read the fine print with all companies I do business with.

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    Hello there,

    I do not mind automatic billing apart from when I am not receiving the services, which I am paying for. If everything is running smoothly, in this case hosting, then I don't mind allowing them to automatically charge me, because they are doing their job well.

    Also, in the past, when I have cancelled hosting with certain companies they continue to charge you monthy. The only thing you can do at this point is email their billing department, and guess what? They don't reply. There isn't any point in taking legal action, when all I am paying is $10 a month. So in a way they are getting away with so much money.

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    well, you can ask your credit card company to charge back if you are no longer using their service
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    Just make sure there is a clause where you can opt out our cancel before the next billing cycle.
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    As far as I know, goDaddy has an option of renewing your domain name automatically as well as turing it off.
    I always turn it off and keep track of the expiry dates myself.
    So, not sure if what you say about goDaddy is right.

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    Well this should be clearly stated in the hosts terms of service.
    I do think most hosts (us included) have the policy that if you signup on May 15th, then the next billing date will be June 15th (recurring) and we state clearly you will receive a transaction receipt. We do make exceptions for clients though. If they prefer to be billed via invoice, etc. then we do it. We also try to send a reminder for yearly accounts when possible.
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    auto-renewals are OK providing you are made aware that a bill is due soon.
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    GoDaddy gives you the option of auto renewal or not. I'm sure you just over looked that, but we all learn from our mistakes. Hopefully you'll be more aware next time you purchase something that you know needs to be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis and request that you not be automatically charged.
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