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Thread: 0 Idle Servers

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    0 Idle Servers

    Current Time: Friday, 14-May-2004 01:35:04 CDT
    Restart Time: Friday, 14-May-2004 01:33:08 CDT
    Parent Server Generation: 0
    Server uptime: 1 minute 56 seconds
    Total accesses: 3086 - Total Traffic: 4.2 MB
    CPU Usage: u1.17 s.5 cu.15 cs.04 - 1.6% CPU load
    26.6 requests/sec - 37.4 kB/second - 1439 B/request
    36 requests currently being processed, 0 idle servers


    No matter what I put in for minspareservers & maxspareservers the idle servers gradually drops down to 0 and the http requests slow down considerably.

    Once in a while more idle servers will be spawned but they quickly drop down to zero again. Any ideas?

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    Red face

    I deleted the domlogs since I saw the following error in the error logs:

    exit signal File size limit exceeded (25)

    Restarted Apache, and now the problem appears to be fixed.

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