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    Looking for your thoughts on
    good for the obvious, plus keeping in touch with soldiers abroad for family members etc

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    Hello there,

    A nice domain, however out of curiosity when do soldiers have time to go onto the internet and post messages?

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    lol..I joined the paratroopers when I was me when I say there is more than enough time for pubs and the internet whilst not out bush.

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    Good domain. No idea about its value.

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    You should see the amount of time us Sailors were on the internet. and once the barraks got dsl, you have no idea.

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    the web
    10-15$, seems a fairly practical domain though not really sure it will get much interest.

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    your best bet is to develop it..then try to get rid of it.

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    Plus you would be running a security risk, also depends what network the soilders are on. Most likely they wont even be able to view it etc...

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