Need some extra cash to buy some "exquisite" hardware, so i thought i'd advertise my services here.

I am mid twenties, located in Portugal, Europe. I currently work as a Senior Linux/UNIX Admin for an ISP and also run a private small-scale hosting business (mostly for the fun of it). Despite these ocupations, I have free time to work remotely for others, in part-time or on call.

Main language is Portuguese, but I also speak/read/write English fluently, and i am friendly and knowledgeable. I have good communication skills, and take seriously things like work ethics and honesty.

As for technical skills that might be of interest here:

- Very experienced Linux admin, in telco and isp environment
- Skilled shell scripter for any general purpose
- Security enhancements (general system hardening, customized kernels, user chrooting, maintenance scripts, iptables firewalling, etc)
- Very experienced with LAMP setups (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Good PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS coding.
- Very experienced with Plesk boxes (6.x and 7.x)
- Can setup customized, automatic and centralized mail and dns setups for hosting networks (central DNS management and virus/spam filtering frontends)
- excellent troubleshooting skills
- other stuff not crossing my mind at the moment

I am mostly interested in managing/preparing dedicated servers and non-trivial setups. As for services prices.. can't really tell, depends on the service, that will need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Hope someone's interested