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    Anyone can recommend hosts that allow large forums with shared accounts ?

    I looking for hosts that allow a phpBB forum that can handle 150 users online, average of 100 users on-line, and 60 GIG of bandwidth. I know that a better solution is a dedicated server , but I do not have the knowledge and money to run a dedicated server.

    Is possible to find something with the price of 20US$ or 30 US$ /month ?

    Maybe I should try to send e-mails to many hosts, but if someone that has a large forum can recommend a host would be great because I need to change host fast.

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    150 concurrent users online, that is some nice numbers. Without knowing anything about your forum, you could be drawing some nice revenue from that many numbers-at least enough to afford your own ded server.

    And again, without knowing any more details, you're probably going to want a dedicated server to handle the load anyway. A lot of hosts here offer 50-75 GB a month, but whether or not they will allow you to use those resources with a resource intensive forum is another story.

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    I am sure you will find a host, but in my humble opinion you are asking for trouble. A far better solution would be a small dedicated server and as Professor already said, you should be able to generate some income with such a busy forum.

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    You should try Host Quote..
    Still dedicated is a better option and also beware of unlimited bandwidth/space hosts. They seem to be attractive but are not good if your requirements are more than average.
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