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    Lightbulb multicards processor...

    Hey all,
    I came across this merchant service the other day when i was looking for 3rd part credit card processors...

    They seem to look good and have fairly decent plans, but i'd like to know about any complaints/comments of them before hand.

    I've searched WHT for these people without any luck, i was hoping that one of you would help me out...

    All help is appreciated

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    If you search around there are quite a few negative reviews to how they conduct business.

    Their rates are also high.

    for a Euro solution try.

    We with p54 and pay 5.95%

    Best regards,


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    It is also worth noting that Multicards has a 10% reserve on top of their fees.

    Look to the lefthand side of this page:

    In addition, their starter plan costs $95 setup but has an 11.45% + .45 per trans rate. (From a cashflow point of view though, you are going to net 11.45% + 10.00% = 21.45% in initial cost plus the % equiv. on the per trans cost, until 6 months pass and you get back the 10% from that month)

    If you pay a $775 setup fee, you get a 5.90% + .45 per trans rate. (which equates to 5.90% + 10.00% = 15.90% impact on casfhlow plus the % equiv. from the trans cost)

    This isn't to say that Multicards isn't a good solution. They have been in business for a long time and I have heard positives about their service, along with some mixed reviews. But they are definitely on the high end of the pricing spectrum.

    Gavin (74s3) does seem very happy with process54 here on this forum and the manager at p54 that I spoke informally with once seemed like a customer service oriented person so that might be an option to explore.

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