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    Getting Clients for Advertising

    I run the website, , and traffic and use has been booming lately.

    I was just wondering, what would be the best approach for getting advertisers to buy banner ads on my website?

    Is there any good internet resource for finding advertisers? Other programs like google's adsense?

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    There are your first-tier banner ad networks.
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    definitely try to get CPM ads

    and popunders work real well too, no matter what anyone here says.
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    Where would i get CPM ads? From the individual websites/businesses/companies or from a ad network?

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    From the 3 sites I listed.
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    You could also use Overture, as I seen they highly advertise their programs on the net these days. Might be worth it.
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    Small websites can be overture ad publishers too? I thought they only served big sites...

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    If you could email me some stats and possible pricing info, I may be interested.
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    I was in your position before..

    if you don't have a lot of users, most ad networks will not like you.

    Google adsense is pretty nice to low number user sites, but you will make very little money from them..

    tribalfusion, something is wrong with them, they never responded to me..

    fastclick, they are very good, lots of advertisers and money you make there is not consistent.. Even though my userbase is..

    i have just started advertising with bluelithium and i am pretty happy with em.. I would say definately hit bluelithium up, they are pretty new company, so they will work with you... most likely.


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    I recommend placing a link on your site where you can promote the fact that you are open to companies contacting you in regards to advertising on your site. I might have missed it but from what I saw there was no info provided.

    This will allow you to target visitors who actually go to your site.

    Checking out companies such as Commission Junction,,, are ideal at promoting related companies to your visitors. You can also select the ones that you feel will work best for you, CPM, CPA, CPC.
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