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    Custom Nameservers/WHM problems

    Im trying to setup custom nameservers on my WHM account. i have going to ns1/, and i have aaronx on the ones my host told me to use. but it DOSE NOT WORK!!! WHY??

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    On your first link... i believe ur have ur NS record set up wrong.

    Where you have "NS"

    It should say: "NS" IP-address

    SAme goes for ur secondary nameserver

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    then do i delete the extra 2 entries? the ns1 <ns> ip

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    okay i looked at ur pic to fast...

    You want to delete the: "NS" ones, and leave the:

    ns1 <ns> ip ones.

    Your also missing a A record for your host name. In WHM you also need to check the services, to make sure u have BIND running.

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    Wait wait wait,, sorry lol i'm tired.. you DNS looks okay, but you are missing a A record for your hostname.. how long ago did you register your dns?

    A good way to check if ur dns is working is go to:


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    Well, i know my ns dont work, i have been trying to get this to work for 2 weeks now. Hostname? what do i need to add?

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    DNS tells me my aaronx...

    Missing (stealth) nameservers
    Missing nameservers 2
    Stealth NS record leakage

    also in one of the warns it says

    SOA MNAME Check WARNING: Your SOA (Start of Authority) record states that your master (primary) name server is:

    thought that looked weired

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    please, someone

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    Still think you are trying to register custom name servers with the same IPs that are being used by your host.

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