Host Saints would like to announce a new referral program.

How it Works

For each new customer that you refer to Host Saints, you will receive an equal value discount on your current Host Saints plan for one month! You can refer as many friends as you like.

Here are brief details of our current plans:


Standard - US$5 - 300MB Diskspace/25GB Bandwidth
Advanced - US$10 - 750MB Diskspace/40GB Bandwidth
Professional - US$15 - 1300MB Diskspace/60GB Bandwidth


Enterprise - US$15 - 1800MB Diskspace/60GB Bandwidth
Business - US$20 - 2500MB Diskspace/100GB Bandwidth
Corporate - US$30 - 5000MB Diskspace/130GB Bandwidth

Visit our site - to order online!


More details are available upon emailing [email protected]
Also, we welcome any requests for a customised hosting solution, simply email [email protected] and we will respond quickly with a competitive quote.