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    How to connect this laptop to router?

    Hi, I am new to net connection and need help.

    Cox HSI
    Netgear rp614 router, 4 output sockets

    Now 2 dell desktops are connected to socket1/2. I have another dell laptop "latitude cpx piii 650" which still use dial up, argh... that's slow. The laptop have no 10/100 ethernet card, but have an USB port which have a network marker near it, and some other ports to printer or something else.

    Any suggestions on how to connect this laptop to HSI? Should I buy a 10/100 card? or connect this computer to another with the USB port? or buy a HUB? or whatever?

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    You can even buy a usb network card, I have seen them at wal mart and other big stores for less than $40 on a regualr basis.

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    I got a pretty decent Linksys PCMCIA 10/100 from walmart for about 40 bucks. Works great with my Dell Lat.


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    Ethernet card.... or a wireless card, and connect a wireless access point to the router.... so you can wander around your place with the laptop untethered.

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    Wireless is the way to go!
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