Greetings Everyone!

Here at UK PC Net we have not run any promotions for many months now, so we have decided to run one for UK PC Hosting until the end of May 2004!

Basic promotional offers - FREE domain name and double bandwidth on each plan!

UK PC Hosting

Details About The Company

UK PC Hosting was setup in July 2002 and has many long time clients. We now have over 500 websites hosted on our servers and are very proud of that fact.

UK PC Hosting is fully owned by UK PC Net and is 100% debt free. Support has always been a key element to both our original business plan and our current high level of success. We usually have somebody around 24/7, but no matter what your support requests should be answered within 30 – 60 minutes.

Servers & Network

All our servers are powered by dual Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz processors addressing between 2GB and 4GB ECC DDR RAM and running 10,000rpm SCSI hard drives. All this means you can be sure that our servers are as fast as they can possibly be.

We run daily local backups on each server every morning as well as remote backups once a week. You can be sure your data is totally safe with us.

All our servers support feature the following:

PHP v4.3.5 (More Info)
PHP MyAdmin v2.2.6
GD Library For PHP
Apache ASP
FrontPage 98/2000/02/03 Extensions
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Password Protected Directories
Real Time Server Status Monitor
Spam Assassin Spam Filter
Neo Mail, Squirrel Mail and Horde Web Mail Clients
Graphical Web Statistics
Raw Access Logs
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts

All our servers are located in The Planet data centre, Dallas Texas. We use this data centre because it has 12,000 Mbps worth of bandwidth from 10 different carriers. This means that reliability is about as high as you can get. Also, because they use carriers such as Level 3 and AboveNet, then you can be sure that it is not only quality bandwidth (no Cogent or similar found at The Planet) but it is also great for traffic to the UK, as these are two of the main transatlantic carriers.

It takes me just 10 hopes to get to the server via Level 3 from my UK DSL connection. The latency is around 125ms.

More information about both the servers and the network can be found on the UK PC Hosting website.

99.95% SLA

We are so confident in the network and servers we sue that we offer a real SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.95%. Basically, should your website be down for longer then ~20 minutes per month due to a network issue, then we refund you 5% for each hour it is down. Our servers are monitored by SiteUptime’s 2 minute monitoring service. The downtime is calculated at the end of each month and refunds processed the following invoice date or 5th of each month should you be on an annual plan.

Why have a useless uptime guarantee when you can have a real SLA. We are putting our money where our mouth is by offering this!


All our servers run the cPanel 9 control panel. cPanel is the industry standard web hosting control panel software. It enables you to control your site much more easily. It takes seconds to create an email account, it lets you know your site statistics, it lets you see how healthy the server is so you know that we are not overloading server, you can even install forum software with just a couple of clicks of your mouse using it!


The Fantastico De Luxe Auto Installer is the greatest add-on you could ever wish for. This is not a standard feature of cPanel however again it is worth every penny in our opinion. So we have installed Fantastico De Luxe across all our servers. With it you can install over 35 of the most popular open source applications at the click of a button including phpBB, Invision Board, 4Images Gallery, osTicket, phpCOIN, Help Centre Live and many many more! No installation troubles, just one click and its done!

RV Skin

We only use the powerful yet simple to use RV Skin. This is a premium cPanel skin and is not offered by most hosts because of the added costs involved. However, we see it as an essential way to improve your experience. You can select from 15 different colours across 2 different themes and from 20 different languages. It is quite simply the best cPanel skin around. Once you try it, you wont go back!

Test Server

To test out cPanel, you can use the following URL:

Username – demo
Password – demo

Promotion Details

Finally we can tell you about the promotion we are going to be running!

Every new account during this promotional period will get a FREE top level domain name for 1 year! Select from .com, .net, .info, .org!

We also be doubling bandwidth for the life of the account!

Our Plans

Here are the basics of the plans: (More information can be found at

Please input the code WHT0504 in the promotional code box on each order form.

Bronze Plan

200MB Webspace
2000MB Bandwidth (Promotion – Doubled to 4000MB)
20 Email Accounts
2 MySQL Databases

£3.99 Per Month
£39.99 Per Annum

To order, please go to

Silver Plan

500MB Webspace
5000MS Bandwidth (Promotion – Doubled to 10,000MB)
50 Email Accounts
5 MySQL Databases

£6.99 Per Month
£69.99 Per Annum

To order, please go to

Gold Plan

1000MB Webspace
10,000MB Bandwidth (Promotion – Doubled to 20,000MB)
100 Email Accounts
10 MySQL Databases

£9.99 Per Month
£99.99 Per Annum

To order, please go to

Platinum Plan

2000MB Webspace
20,000MB Bandwidth (Promotion – Doubled to 40,000MB)
200 Email Accounts
20 MySQL Databases

£15.99 Per Month
£159.99 Per Annum

To order, please go to

Don’t forget that you require any further information, please either consult our site at or contact us direct via one of the methods on the website.

If you are looking for cPanel 9 Reseller services, please visit

If you are looking for ShoutCast streaming media services, please visit

Thank you for reading through this thread, I do hope you become a customer and will look forward to serving you if you do!

Best Regards,
Matthew Cullum
Managing Director

[email protected]