For a limited time I am offering:

Space for one tower server
Power For one tower server
330GB of bandwidth
Managed Service
Free setup
For $99.00 dollars per month

The location of this offer is in Houston, Texas, where we have a private cage on the 24th floor of the Wedge International Tower. This is one of the top datacenters in Houston, and is equipped with redundant generators, UPS, AC, and power feeds. It is manned 24x7x365 with technicians as well as security guards. There is even a restaurant located on the 43rd floor of this building in case you get hungry

As for the network, we are mainly using Cogent Communications, which we have 2Gbps of capacity with, and more on the way. We also have a backup with Time Warner in case the Cogent network goes down for any reason, which hasnít happened in the past four years we have had service with Cogent. We offer a %99.9 uptime guarantee on this network. You may ping or trace route the following ip address if you would like to test the performance of the network:
You may also do a speed test buy downloading this driver: http://installers.tulinonline.com/i386/driver.cab (right click and press save target as).

We use Cisco routers and switches only. All ports provided will be 100Mbps ports. We do have burstable options. You are guaranteed the speed or amount of bandwidth that you pay for.

We will install the servers free of charge for you as long as you ship them to our datacenter. We can also install operating systems for free if desired. Collocation clients will not have physical access to the building, because our techs will be able to handle everything that you desire. If you are interested in a full rack or shelf though, agreements can be made for you to have physical access to your servers. Reboot are free, as well as standard help with the management of your servers and network.

Please contact me if you are interested either by PM or email. You may also contact me on one of the many instant message programs if I am online, which I usually am. My contact information is located below.

Thank you,
Kyle Leissner
[email protected]
AIM: kwleissner
ICQ: 230396058
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: kwleissner