I have been looking everywhere for a how-to guide on setting up my own namesevers on Windows 2003. I have Ensim Pro 3.6 with Windows 2003. The closest thing i could find was at http://www.venturesonline.com/docs/ensim/nameservers/

But the problem with that is i can follow the steps all the way up to Step 3. where it says Setting the default nameservers.

As soon as i get to this, i cannot continue any further because it tells me to configure BIND DNS server but ensim 3.6 doesnt have that option. So i am really stuck and would really really appreciated anyones help on this. A demo of the version of Ensim that i have is available at the ensim site: http://www.ensim.com/products/pro/demos/wp36/login.htm

Many thanx in advanced