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    hosting biz for sale


    The following hosting busines is for sale:

    This is a brand new business and has no clients. This is intended for someone who wants to get into the hosting business quickly via a turn key solution, starting with a business based off of a reseller account.

    If you're a reseller or are interested in becoming one and want a quality site and an extremely high quality domain name, you'll want this package.

    here's the site.....

    Here's what you get.......

    1. The domain name "" pushed to your registrar (domains like this are valuable and hard to find)
    2. The website and all copyrights and source files.
    3. Image source files (Adobe Photoshop PSD)
    4. All software promised on the site.
    5. 3 month of paid reseler hosting at

    You could own an extremely professional hosting business located at a valuable, short, top level ".com" domain name. (the domain name alone is worth many times the cost of this package)

    All you have to do is entegrate the site with your billing system and you're ready to go! (We can do this for you for a small aditional fee)


    This one was developed by us and is 100% unique and custom.

    We're entertaining all offers but we would like to see around $500.00

    The domain name is worth much more than that and the site is a complete custom design. For $500.00, this is an extremely valuable site/domain and a once in a lifetime deal.

    Please PM me with offers and questions. You may also speak with me online via AOL messenger using the handle "hforsuccess"

    Thanks for your time.


    i am a reasonable guy and will put fourth every effort to satisfy my customers. However, for the protection of all parties, these terms do apply.

    1. Source code and associated domain(s) will be released once final agreed upon payment has been recieved by us.

    2. This is an "as is" sale although I will stand by my work and assist you in any way that i can within reason.

    3. i will support you via AIM on an unlimmited basis for a month after payment has been recieved so as to insure a smooth transfer and quick learning curves.

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    thanks for the idea.. about to buy

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    .. but it still ain't a dot-com :-)

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    ..and if you plan to use it for a hosting site you could be sued for copyright infringement

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    Do you currently have any clients for

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    Not to point out the obvious but they said the following in the original post, its the second line.

    "This is a brand new business and has no clients."

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    interesting idea of a "short" domain
    Quality Canadian Web Hosting

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    The business has been sold. Thanks for your interest

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